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Autumn Cat

AQHA #5038403

An Own son of High Brow Cat out of a daughter of Smart Little Lena!
Deceased 2012
Limited Frozen Semen Available

USDA approved to ship anywhere in the world

Autumn Cat


High Brow Cat - LTE $126,252 ~ Offspring winning over $40 million
High Brow Hickory - LTE $229,771
Smart Little Lena - NCHA Triple Crown Winner ~LTE $743,275
      Offspring $ 27,785,060
Autumn Boon - LTE $259,685 ~ Offspring Earnings $230,000
Royal Blue Boon - LTE $381,764 ~ Offspring over $3.7 million
Dual Pep - LTE $300,000 ~ Offspring Earnings - $19 MILLION +

Autumn Cat has that beautiful 'rabicano' coat color and with his 'roan' genetics, you'll have some 'fancy' put on your babies!

(Rabicano is a horse coat color that is a partial roaning pattern. Rabicano horses usually have white hairs intermingled with the base coat color in limited areas, not over the entire body. This roan-like effect is caused by a genetic modifier that creates a mealy, splotchy, or roaning pattern, usually limited to the belly, flanks, legs, tailhead, or any combination thereof. Unlike a true roan, most of the horse's body will not have intermingled white and solid hairs over the entire body, nor are the legs or head significantly darker than the rest of the horse. Instead, the rabicano pattern can appear in a number of limited ways. The most minimal form is when a few white hairs occur on each side of a horse's tailhead. More common is a slightly more extensive expression of the gene resulting in the so-called "skunk-tail" along with roaning along the lower flank at the junction of the barrel and the stifle. In extensively expressed rabicanos, the roaning can extend forward along the barrel, appear as ticking or roaning inside the upper forelegs, and extend in extreme cases as far as the ears and jaws. Rabicano is thought to be a dominant gene, according to the equine geneticist Sponenberg.)

High Brow Cat
High Brow Hickory Doc's Hickory
Grulla San
Smart Little Kitty Smart Little Lena
Doc's Kitty
Awesome Autumn
Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena
Smart Peppy
Autumn Boon Dual Pep
Royal Blue Boon

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